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Use the vouchers on all organic Oleastro products (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, carob
honey) and spend a beautiful day at the Olive Park ‘Oleastro’ in Anogyra. For example,
with two vouchers of the 750ml bottles, you have free entrance, drink, and meal. For
more information, tel. 99525093.


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Welcome to Oleastro

Oleastro Enterprises Ltd. has the mission to promote the civilization of the olive tree in an environmentally friendly way.

In 2003, we created The House of the Olive – ‘Oleastro’ consisting of an olive museum, an olive store specializing in olive products, a visitors’ center, a state-of-the-art ecological olive mill, bottling, and storing facilities.

In 2006, we expanded and created the Olive Park – ‘Oleastro’, which features interactive themes from the 60,000 years of the civilization of the olive. The park, a tribute to this wonderful tree that has healed and nourished Cypriots for thousands of years, is both educational and recreational for all ages.

Oleastro Enterprises Ltd. is a member of
vv the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
v the Cyprus Association for Cultural & Special Interest Tourism
vv the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative
v the Slow Food Movement 

Certified by LACON for organic farming and
TŰV HELLAS for HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards.


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